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Our Story

After years of trial and error, my friends and I were consistently frustrated by limited options for high quality yet affordable hair extensions that blended well with our hair textures (both coarse and silky). It was as though these hair extensions were not made by us or even for us; If we were frustrated, I knew that others within our community were as well. This was the beginning of a decade long search. I became passionate about researching the hair extension market—how hair extensions were made and which hair sources met our stringent requirements. During my research, I found out that the hair market is flooded with extensions that were made from broken hair (hair balls) which were then chemically processed to achieve hair extensions that our community, unfortunately, purchases regularly (side note: this is the reason why most hair extensions are soft once purchased but once washed, the texture changes overtime into a non-manageable mess). As a result of our findings and being disgusted by the fact that the market was flooded with hair balls processed into hair extensions, we started researching where and how to source human hair pony tails –basically human hair that is not made from hair balls. After sourcing these quality ponytails, we proceeded to constructing these ponytails into wefts that meet superior wefting standards to ensure durability. Through trial and error, we were able to match our quality ponytails with our unparalleled wefting technique. After we produced wefted hair that met our high standards, tried and tested it, we decided to share the results with our community and Étoile Blue was born.

Étoile Blue’s mission is to produce the highest quality virgin hair in the market that is also complemented with our handpicked mink eyelashes. Given that Etoile Blue’s hair is made from long lengths of raw, unprocessed human hair, our hair extension has limited shedding and tangling and will react in the same way natural hair would. All of this, we promise, will always be provided at an affordable price. The latter is important for us as, since its early beginnings, Étoile Blue is and remains a brand that is ran by, and will remain accessible for, ALL women. 

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