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Virgin Hair Extension vs Remy Hair Extension - Choosing the Right Hair Extension for You

We all love hair extensions that looks good, feels soft, is shed free and tangle free, and lasts long. However, most ladies have learnt the hard way that not all hair that looks good once out of its packaging will stay that way after wearing the hair extension for a week or after undergoing the first wash. Indeed, not all hair extensions are created equal! If you are interested in buying 100% virgin hair extensions or you have been on the lookout for Remy hair, chances are you have stumbled on something that looks like this: 100% Unprocessed Virgin Remy...

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Our Story

After years of trial and error, my friends and I were consistently frustrated by limited options for high quality yet affordable hair extensions that blended well with our hair textures (both coarse and silky). It was as though these hair extensions were not made by us or even for us; If we were frustrated, I knew that others within our community were as well. This was the beginning of a decade long search. I became passionate about researching the hair extension market—how hair extensions were made and which hair sources met our stringent requirements. During my research, I found out...

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