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Vouge Mink Lashes


Vogue offers a dazzling look with elements of warmness. The gradient eyelash effect will add alluring volume to your eyes. Be prepared for a complement-filled evening with Vogue!

Vogue is made from 100% sterilized mink fur picked from the natural shedding of minks during their shedding season. Our lashes are cruelty-free, lightweight, and are constructed with cotton band ensuring a comfortable wear. Vogue can be worn up to 25 times when cared for properly.

Recommended for evening look and fashionable day events!

Caring for Your ÉtoileBlue Eyelashes
  • Be gentle to your ÉtoileBlue eyelashes when applying, removing, and storing them.
  • Avoid pulling on your lashes.
  • After each application, make sure you remove all residual glue from your lashes so as to ensure that your ÉtoileBlue eyelashes is well aligned with your eyelash line during your next application.
  • After each use, store your ÉtoileBlue eyelashes in its eyelash casing so as to avoid exposing them to dust and to keep them clean.
  • Do not soak your ÉtoileBlue eyelashes in any liquids (yes, even water)
  • Do not apply any product (even mascara) on ÉtoileBlue eyelashes; only apply mascara to your natural eyelashes.
Shipping Information
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  • Flat Rate International Shipping.
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